World Living Statues

World Championship 2022


And the winners are....!

The results of the World Living Statues festival 2022 in Alkmaar are:

  • World Champion – Three in a boat – UK
  • 2nd prize – The Evacuation – Netherlands
  • 3rd prize – Street Dancer – Portugal
  • Winner Amateurs – Achilles
  • Winner Kids Statues – Harry Potter’s Magic
  • Encouragement Prize Kids - Studiebol


Three in a boat - UK

The Evacuation - the Netherlands

Street Dancer - Portugal


Harry Potter's Magic



The games

The World Living Statue is still coveted and opens new doors around the world. The title has to maintain this glow as well. After all, a world champion is flag-bearer of the art form. Moreover, participating in a world championship is for many participating artists an extra reason to give it everything they’ve got. That's good for the quality and interesting for the audience.

Also, a championship like this very nicely shows the stages of development in which one living statue can grow. From childhood through amateur to professional. In Alkmaar they are all there to admire. From the various smaller festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium, more than 100 kids and 40 amateurs have been selected for participation at the WLSF. There is place for approximately 60 professional living statue artists from the Netherlands and Belgium, but also from foreign countries. During the festival, their acting spots are mostly situated in streets and alleys that form the link between six squares and form a common thread between the more imaginative, extravagant and striking artful living statue performances.