World Living Statues

The Champions of 2019


The winners of 2019 are:

  • World champion: The Kiss from Portugal
  • 2nd World Championship and Dutch Champion pros: Roam from the Netherlands
  • 3rd World Cup: Electro swing DJs


  • Audience Award Profs: The Grumpy Guy from the Netherlands


  • Winner Amateurs and Audience Award Amateurs: Cut from the same wood
  • 2nd Amateurs: Oops!
  • 3rd Amateurs: Broken Heart


  • Winner Kids statues: The Laughing Tramp
  • 2nd Kids statues: Magician
  • 3rd Kids statues: Mister Bean
  • Audience Award Kids: Het Havermelkmeisje

Check the photo album for pictures of the champions.