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Living Statues Zaandam 7 & 8 october

Don't move, because all professional international living statues have started moving again. After a long period of real downtime, they are back like never before. And how: Zaandam overflows with beautiful, fun, moving, spectacular and beautiful living statues. In Zaandam, the international and national statues can be admired during the Zaanse Leven(de) Beelden festival.

Location: Gedempte Gracht and Westzijde on both sides of the road.

Friday October 7 - Statues by Night: Meet the Champions

Statues by Night: Meet the Champions is the spectacular opening of the festival. A selection of world champions will make an appearance especially for the occasion. You will be treated to an overwhelmingly beautiful and innovative performance by a procession of living statues in the evening. The participants show their successful and prize-winning creation in a theatrical way. You walk through Zaandam Center via a predetermined route and marvel at the most magnificent and strange creations. Statues by Night is enchanting, surprising and sets the promising tone for the rest of the festival weekends.

Time: 19:30 - 22:30 h

Saturday October 8 - Living Statues with professionals and kids

On Saturday, up-and-coming talent will be given plenty of space to conquer the stage on the street. Both the youth who have not been in contact with theater before and the now fanatical challengers of the older guard are given the opportunity to show their arts.
Real well-known Statues from Zaandam are depicted by (inter)national professionals. This day is therefore dedicated to the indispensable transfer of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm and is therefore indispensable for your full World Living Statues Festival experience!

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 h